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Spy baiting came to the States back in 2013, and it has quietly carved out a niche with tournament anglers, clear water anglers, and even trophy bass hunters. Spy baiting calls for using a unique bait like the DUO Realis Spinbait80. It's a small, narrow lure weighted in a minnow profile with props on either end. It's helped win several national professional bass tournaments, and yet a lot of anglers still don't understand the unique allure of the Spinbait80. In this video, you will see that it not only has props spinning on either end that also emit a noticeable high pitched sound, but the body has a shimmy on both the retrieve and the initial fall. For pressured fish or areas where the water is clear and you already know the bass are there but they are not reacting or maybe even getting spooked by more aggressive presentations is where the Spinbait80 really shines. The shimmy and flash, the subtle vibration, the high pitched sound all combine to make this such an effective lure and pr

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