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Chris & Ahmed recap the Divisional Round by second-guessing some coach decisions and Chris finishes with an epic rant against the Browns.(2:45) Chiefs 51-Texans 31 Why Chris never thought the Chiefs were out of it(5:45) Mulligan Monday: should Bill O'Brien have gone for it on 4th-and-1 early?(8:55) Chris calls O'Brien hot seat talk insane(14:05) Why couldn't the Texans cover Travis Kelce?(19:10) Bad tweets & how Big Buck Chuck launched the Chiefs comeback(22:50) Ahmed makes a case for taking Andy Reid over any other coach(26:05) Titans 28-Ravens 12 Tajae Sharpe trolls Mark Ingram(27:40) Would You Rather tackle Derrick Henry or...(33:50) Earl Thomas' ill-fated trash talk(34:45) Mulligan Monday: was John Harbaugh too aggressive on 4th down?(39:45) Did the Ravens make a mistake by resting in Week 17?(47:55) Packers 28-Seahawks 23 Ahmed questions Seattle's early-game strategy with Russell Wilson(53:20) Chris apologizes for calling the Packers the worst 2 seed he's ever seen(56:30) Damn! Okay Davante Adams(59:15) Mulligan Monday: Pete Carroll's punt on 4th-and-11(1:04:15) 49ers 27-Vikings 10 Simms raves about the playoff atmosphere at Levi's Stadium(1:06:30) The 49ers running game is as exciting as some teams' passing games.(1:13:45) Browns hire Kevin Stefanski Cleveland is back to the mistake on the lake(1:21:30) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed eulogizes the Texans, Vikings, Ravens & Seahawks

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