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Simms and Ahmed hit the mailbag with an AskMeAnything, and welcome Big Phil back to the show. NBCSports ChrisSimms NFL(2:40) NFC West: Does the Jamal Adams trade push the Seahawks above the 49ers?(6:30) Seattle scheme: Who plays the Kam Chancellor role for the 7 teams that run it?(12:00) 49ers defense: If Chris isn't high on the Seattle scheme, what would he run instead?(14:30) Big Phil busts into the pod, with some high praise for the Ravens(19:00) Patrick Mahomes: How was he ranked the 4 in the league by his peers?(24:15) Lamar Jackson: Is he the James Harden of the NFL?(26:30) Davante Adams: Big Phil weighs in on Chris' Top 10 WR list(30:50) Offensive & Defensive Minds: Which 2 would Chris and Phil choose to mold their squads?(37:45) Bill Belichick: Do we overlook his bad roster moves because of his great coaching?(44:00) Sleeper MVP candidates: Matthew Stafford? Josh Allen? Philip Rivers?(48:30) Jamal Adams: Big Phil tells a story about George Adams that likely shaped the former Jets safety(54:40) Fantasy picks: Chris gives some insight into potential breakouts like Josh Jacobs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool, and Bryan Edwards(58:45) Rookie WRs: Who will have the best numbers at the end of the year?(1:02:45) Zombie apocalypse: Chris creates his 5-man SWAT team(1:08:00) 3 TE: After George Kittle and Travis Kelce, is Zach Ertz the next-best TE in the NFL?(1:10:20) Roy Williams: What derailed his career?(1:13:00) Simms' Best WR: Who was the best receiver Chris ever threw to? Joey Galloway? Brandon Marshall? Randy Moss?

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