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(2:45) Earl Thomas: How do the Ravens replace him? Where does he rank among safeties? What teams could use him?(23:05) AskMeAnything begins with a shoutout(24:00) Jimmy Garoppolo: What did Bill Belichick see in him that made him want to replace Tom Brady?(30:10) Patriots: What's the worst-case scenario for them with Cam Newton this year?(31:20) Giants: Will Joe Judge surprise everyone this year? Why is he making players run laps?(36:40) Seahawks offense: What QBs could succeed in it?(40:15) 2020 Defenses: Will they have an early advantage with no preseason?(44:00) 2020 Leaders: Who will top the pass yds, rush yds, rec yds list?(53:00) 2020 Playoff Teams: Who didn't make it last year who could make it this year?(57:50) 2000 Ravens vs 2002 Bucs: Which was the better defense?(1:01:30) Super Bowl Winners: Who was the worst one in the last 20 years?(1:06:00) Obvious Movie Trivia: How little does Ahmed know about popular movies he hasn't seen?(1:09:50) Chris' Favorite Offense: We fill out half of the starting lineup for the Rapid City RushmoresChris has some hard truths about Earl Thomas after the Ravens cut him. Then we hit the mailbag with an AskMeAnything, along with your Obvious Movie Trivia questions for Ahmed. We end by building the offense for the Rapid City Rushmores. NBCSports ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned EarlThomas

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