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Chris & Ahmed react to the Cowboys coaching hire, recap the Wild Card games and give a first look towards the Divisional Round. NFL NFLPlayoffs NBCSports(3:00) Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy This made the most sense(8:20) What does this mean for Dak Prescott?(9:35) Playoff parity is back!(11:40) Vikings 26-Saints 20 (OT) How did Minnesota's D slow down the Saints?(15:10) Is Michael Thomas to blame for Drew Brees' fumble?(18:30) Is Sean Payton ready to turn from Drew Brees to Taysom Hill?(21:55) Did we see the death of Primetime Kirk Cousins?(24:30) Was Kyle Rudolph's TD pass interference?(26:45) Has Drew Brees played his last game in New Orleans?(27:40) Titans 20-Patriots 13 Has Tom Brady played his last game in New England?(29:00) Ahmed has Chris rank possible Brady 2020 destinations(32:55) The Titans exposed New England's flaw(37:15) Breaking down the Titans game-changing goal-line stand(41:30) Mike Vrabel's time shenanigans: he had a great feel for the game(43:50) Brady doesn't make any plays. That needs to be talked about.(47:50) Texans 22-Bills 19 (OT) It starts with the Deshaun Watson greatness factor(51:10) The downside of Deshaun's game-winning play(52:30) Defending Josh Allen(57:50) Explaining the illegal blindside block on Cody Ford(59:55) Which Bill is to blame for Duke Johnson's 3rd-&-18 conversion on the game-winning drive?(1:04:05) Seahawks 17-Eagles 9 Was Jadeveon Clowney's hit on Carson Wentz dirty?(1:08:50) Jim Schwartz's gameplan: I don't get it(1:15:05) Chris takes a DK Metcalf victory lap(1:17:50) Speed Round: Divisional Round Preview(1:22:15) Requiem For a Team: Ahmed says goodbye to the 4 Wild losers

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