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Chris & Ahmed get into the logistics of sleeping with the Lombardi Trophy before they break down the Chiefs win over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. NBCSports ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned NFL SuperBowl2020(2:40) On Patrick Mahomes: The best player on the field prevailed(5:50) Dissecting Kyle Shanahan's playcalls after another blown Super Bowl lead(14:50) Was Shanahan afraid to put the game in Jimmy Garoppolo's hands?(17:50) What The &%! Happened on Mahomes' huge 3rd & 15 pass to Tyreek Hill(27:00) Richard Sherman is not one of the 10 best corners in football(30:40) Why wasn't George Kittle running routes with the 49ers' season on the line?(34:20) In praise of Steve Spagnuolo(38:30) Are Andy Reid and Mahomes starting a dynasty?(42:15) Damn! Okay: Chris names his runner-up for Super Bowl LIV MVP, and it's not Damien Williams(46:00) Simms explains why Frank Clark hates Jimmy G(52:25) Ahmed goes to hypothetical-land with Tom Brady and the 2020 49ers(54:20) Who Would Have Guessed? Simms reacts to some surprising stats from Super Bowl LIV(58:00) What's next for the 49ers, and Ahmed sets an overunder for Mahomes rings(1:01:20) A Freudian slip convinces Simms that Drew Brees is coming back, and Frank Gore is pissed at Chris

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