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Number of Americans testing positive skyrockets as states struggle to contain outbreak, businesses step in as hospitals run critically low on medical supplies, and President Trump says he hopes to have U.S. reopened by Easter.Watch NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt at 6:30 p.m. ET 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).1:38 Trump Wants U.S. 'Opened Up' By Easter As Cases Top 50,0002:03 Nearly Half Of All Americans Under Stay At Home Orders2:40 New York Cases Doubling Every Three Days2:50 25-Year-Old Man Fighting Coronavirus In Coma3:17 Los Angeles Reports First Death Of Patient Under 183:59 Experts Fear Florida And Texas Could Become New Epicenters4:39 2020 Tokyo Olympics Delayed Until 20215:00 Travelers Leaving NYC Should Self-Quarantine 14 Days5:47 Health Workers Fall Sick Amid Equipment Shortage6:32 Governors Plead With Federal Government For More Help 7:48 Hospitals Barring Partners From Delivery Rooms8:14 Pence: FDA Approves Self-Swab Coronavirus Test8:37 Trump Would 'Love' To Reopen Economy By Easter10:05 Senate Closer To $2 Trillion Rescue Deal10:43 Airlines Brace For Drastic New Cuts To U.S. Flights 11:09 Unemployment Surges As Businesses Shut Down12:52 China Returns To Normal Life After Outbreak13:20 Italy Death Toll Spikes By Over 700 In Single Day13:41 U.K. Mass Transit Packed Despite Stay At Home Order14:31 Desperate Hospitals Offer Major Perks To Hire Nurses16:44 Husband Dies From Drug He Thought Prevented Coronavirus18:29 How Are Coronavirus Symptoms Different From Flu?

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