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Today's word of the day is for a Chicago legend - 'Sweetness'. Trent Williams could have handled this situation better if he would have just been honest day one. Rob Manfred is happy that the Nationals won, but not for the reason you think. MLBPA did something ridiculous and it's going to backfire. BREAKING NEWS! The Mets are hiring Carlos Beltran! It was always going to be him! Jeter is a bad businessman and I'll tell you why. Padres announce that they need to win now... who doesn't!? More drama with Adam Gase and Le'Veon Bell. Review of the day - 'Yesterday'. With all the issues with Golden State, and a new arena opening up, I'll tell you how the Warriors' owners feel. I'll take you inside the mind of Pat Riley and their new unknown hero, Kendrick Nunn. Chevy paid Manchester United $560 MILLION for a sponsorship deal, will the team get more money for a new deal in 2021? waittosee

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