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Coronavirus crisis puts more than 76 million Americans under virtual lockdown, with critical medical supply shortage, health workers forced to re-use protective gear, and unemployment soars amid pandemic. Watch NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt at 6:30 p.m. ET 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).1:43 76 Million Americans In 4 States Ordered Stay At Home3:49 U.S. Borders Closing To Non-Essential Travel4:02 Spring Break Crackdown On Beachgoers In Florida4:48 Olympics Under Mounting Pressure To Postpone Or Delay Tokyo Games5:14 Emergency Room Doctors In Crisis On The Front Lines5:24 Health Care Workers Reusing Protective Equipment5:29 Critial Shortage Of Life-Saving Ventialtors7:05 U.S. Completes Over 117,000 Tests But Demand Soaring7:22 Doctors Risk Their Lives While Facing Crippling Shortages8:07 Unemployment Soars Amid Coronavirus Pandemic9:48 Trump: I 'Dont Think' A National Lockdown Necessary10:03 Congress prepping $1 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package10:16 Trump Lashes Out After Question About 'Scared' Americans11:29 Member Of Vice President Pence's Office Tests Positive12:13 Nbc News Veteran Larry Edgeworth Dies From Coronavirus14:11 Deadliest Day In Italy With Over 600 New Fatalities15:47 Cancer Treatments Delayed By Coronavirus Response18:15 Parents Tasked With Helping Children Learn From Home23:37 Whats The Risk Of Coronavirus For Pregnant Women?

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